Is it Worth Buying the New Furby Toy?

3 Jan

furby toyAccording to Wikipedia over 40 million Furby Toys were sold within the first 3 years of their launch back in 1998.

40 million Furbies?

Obviously the Furby has an army of dedicated fans who are willing to pay the expensive price tag in order to own one of these cutesy interactive pets.

I guess I can see the appeal. I don’t own one myself. Never did get bitten by that bug and well, I’m a little too mature (cough) for a Furby. Still I have friends and family members who love their Furby toys; some have more than one. They also collect all the Furby accessories. Hmm!

When I was researching into the 2012 Furby I found it interesting that although there wasn’t THAT much difference between the old and new Furbies, people were still flocking to get their hands on the newer version. I go into more detail here, but basically, the main points of difference are:

1.    New Furbies are slightly taller and have solid colored vibrant fur. The most recent Furby colors released are extremely bright and pretty funky too.

2.    The original cloth ears have been switched out for latex ones, giving them a more realistic look complete with greater fluidity in movement.

3.    The new guys have digital eyes which are freakingly more expressive than the eyes of the original Furbies. They actually react in accordance to whatever mood they are experiencing.

4.    The new Furby tail now looks more like a lion‘s tail as opposed to the little ball of fluff on the originals.

5.    Hasbro introduced an online dictionary and a smartphone translator app to make it easier to work out what the diddly the new Furbies are talking about.

6.    The new fur balls are all together more interactive. They can dance, jiggle and shake. Oh and you can feed them electronic food via an app you download onto your smartphone.

Probably the biggest and noteworthy change is the smartphone integration feature. It just makes it more fun to play with the new Furby.  The other changes are cool too, but not as significant in my opinion.

So is the New Furby Toy Work the Price Tag?
If you’re a diehard Furby fan who must have the latest version of anything Furby related, then yes. Owning a new Furby runs deeper than how much it costs. It’s about owning a treasured item that becomes part of a growing collection of toys that are precious to you.

If you have kids, well they’ll want one because their friends have one. It kind sucks being the odd one out; the only one who doesn’t have the latest, greatest, hottest toy.  You may want to get one of the new Furbies in this case just to keep little Charlie happy.

Whether or not you see the value in getting a new Furby is all relative.

If you don’t mind spending the money and own a smartphone so you can access all the cool play features, then go for it.

In actual fact the new Furbies aren’t that much more expensive than the originals, so if you’re planning on buying a Furby toy anyway, why not go for the upgrade?

What do you think? Worth getting the new Furby or not?

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